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With the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, most of us were forced to spend time in our homes and isolate. Hazy boundaries between work and life meant that mental health was jeopardized for many of us.

So while it is now important to make self-care a priority, finding the time for it has become tougher.

Welcome to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy.

From the lingering, relaxing mist escaping your diffuser to stress-relieving oil massages, the benefits of aromatherapy can be healing and holistic. Breathing in the essential oil aroma can instantly relax the mind and make one feel grounded. It is indeed more than just a pleasant scent. 

While researchers are still studying the benefits of aromatherapy, studies have revealed that it has multiple healing benefits for both the body and mind. According to research, it stimulates smell receptors in the nose and sends messages through the nervous system to the part of the brain that controls emotions. Different oils can provide various therapeutic benefits. 

Discovering the world of oils can be both exciting and intimidating. Here are some simple ways to introduce aromatherapy in your self-care rituals - 

Inhalation: Essential oils are highly potent and have a heavy aroma. A little goes a long way in its use. Sniffing them directly from the bottle can get overwhelming, and may perhaps even lead to allergic reactions. Drop 1-3 drops of the oil into an aromatherapy lamp, humidifier, or diffusers and spend some mindful moments enjoying the aromas. 

Topical Application: While essential oils can be absorbed via the skin, they are too powerful to be directly applied due to their potency. It is crucial to dilute it with a carrier oil, especially if one has sensitive skin. Dilute 1-2 drops of essential oil with a large volume of carrier oil when applying directly. Be sure to enjoy its benefits during therapies such as a massage, acupuncture, reiki healing, or even a bath. 

List of Best Essential Oils for Every Concern

Tea Tree Oil- Helps treat bacterial and fungal infections such as acne, dandruff, etc. 

Lavender Oil - It is known to be one of the most versatile oils used in aromatherapy to treat depression, insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. 

Rosewood Oil - Helps with depression, heals wounds, and boosts sexual libido. It has a mild, spicy, floral scent. 

Geranium Oil- Known to reduce physical and mental stress, this comforting oil balances not just one’s skin texture but also one’s moods and hormones. 

Chamomile Oil- A crisp, fruity-scented oil used in aromatherapy for various skin concerns. It also helps alleviate anxiety and promotes sleep. 

Basil Oil- It has a warm, spicy yet herbal aroma. This oil stimulates and energizes the mind. It is also known to improve digestion, soothe muscle aches and aid with alertness. 

Rose Oil- Rose oil eases pain, provides relief during menstrual discomfort, and is also known to help with various skin conditions such as acne, dryness, and aging. 

Peppermint Oil - Peppermint oil offers a host of health and beauty benefits, from treating a cold to alleviating stress. It also fortifies the nervous system and helps a great deal with headaches. 

Bergamot Oil - This oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate the mood and reduce stress. It encompasses a light citrus scent with floral notes. 

Jasmine Oil - Known to be a mood booster, Jasmine oil promotes well-being and increased libido. 

Use this guide as a helpful primer to start a holistic journey towards healing and overall well-being!


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