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The cruelty-free debate is a bit gnarly and can get into nitty-gritties if you are buying supermarket brands. These products are sold internationally and China is a huge and undeniably important part of their market. China still mandates that products not manufactured in China have to be tested on animals. These brands are PETA certified but there are many purists who argue that since China has the policy of post-market animal testing, which is that products which are already on the shelf can be tested on animals in case required and also that products not manufactured in China have to be tested on animals before being able to sell there, means that there are loopholes in their official stance on being cruelty-free. 

As consumers, we get to choose who benefits from and is supported by our purchases. All brands that are Indian are officially cruelty-free since 2014, as animal testing was banned by the law. India was proudly the first cruelty-free zone in South Asia. So going #VocalForLocal and shopping smaller brands who do not import their ingredients not only ensures that you support local enterprise, but you also absolutely make sure that there are no loopholes in the company’s policy of not abusing our four-legged friends for our benefit. 

Cruelty-free Kitty is an excellent resource for doing a bit of research on cruelty-free brands. Do look through and find out the cruelty-free stance of any brand that you might be using right now. 

Shopping at Clean Beauty Booth removes the guesswork about the brand that your hard earned money is supporting.

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