Everything you need to know about Vegan beauty certifications

With sustainability on the rise, we’ve all become conscious about our clothes and the products we apply to our skin. Customers, especially millennials and Gen-Z are now paying attention to the ingredients and the science behind OTC beauty products. The change in mindset has propelled the ‘vegan beauty’ movement ahead of the curve. 

If you’re vegan or if you know someone who eats a vegan diet, you probably already know what vegan beauty entails. Like food, ‘vegan beauty’ refers to products formulated without the use of animal-derived ingredients. 

Vegan beauty is free from animal ingredients but is often misconstrued to be either ‘cruelty-free or ‘chemical-free. This is untrue. A product can claim to be ‘Vegan’, ‘Vegan-Friendly’, or ‘100% Vegan’, but still be tested on animals or contain chemicals. To be clear, if a product has all of the three labels; ‘cruelty-free', ‘vegan’, and ‘chemical-free', it means it was not tested on animals, does not contain animal ingredients, and is free from harsh chemicals.  


What are some of the most popular vegan beauty certifications in the market? 

The most simple way to easily identify a vegan beauty product is to look for certification seals claiming its ‘vegan’ status. Here are some of the most common certifications recognized worldwide. 

The Vegan Society: A registered charity and one of the oldest vegan societies in the world, The Vegan Society was originally founded in the UK (1944). The Vegan Society registers vegan products with its vegan trademark ensuring that all products under its seal of approval are free from animal-derived ingredients and testing. 

Vegan.org - Certified vegan: Founded in 1995, Vegan.org is a globally recognized vegan website certifying thousands of beauty products. Its ‘certified vegan’ mark is accepted globally. 

PETA Approved Vegan: PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world that has a global aim to stop animal suffering. More than 1000 companies have the ‘Peta Approved Vegan’ logo which recognizes a variety of vegan goods ranging from clothing, skincare to retail that uses vegan alternatives instead of animal-derived materials.  

Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved: They are a UK-based vegan society that influences and inspires people to maintain a vegan lifestyle. Established in 1847, it is one of the oldest vegetarian organizations in the world. Its 'Vegan Approved’ accreditation involves independent ingredient and product method reviews by in-house experts.  

BIORIUS: A key player in the cosmetics industry, BIORIUS, relies on The Vegan Society's standards for the vegan certification. Brands can use the BIORIUS ‘vegan’ logo if they meet all four criteria; no animal testing, no animal ingredients, no GMOs involving animal genes, and compliance with hygiene standards. 

Vegan Cert - Bioagricert: Established in 1984, they work actively towards the development of organic regulations and norms. Their ‘VEG_CERT’ certification is awarded once they have verified if the products are free from animal ingredients. 

VeganOk: They are the first and the only benchmark for ethical vegan products developed in Italy. The ‘VeganOk’ label is now one of the most popular vegan certifications in Europe with over 1372 accredited companies. 

V-Label: They are a globally recognized registered symbol that labels vegan products initiated by The European Vegetarian Union. With the V-label, customers are assured transparency and clarity on the purchase of Vegan products. 

Vegan Australia Certified: Created in 2018, by the charity - Vegan Australia, they have certified more than 1000 products. Their logo is a reliable seal for products developed without the use of animals. 

Eve Vegan: They are an international control and certification body based in France, dedicated to vegan products and services. Their certification is recognized globally. 

That said if you want to take the plunge and embrace the vegan lifestyle - Do so responsibly! Support products that have the ‘vegan certified’ mark by keeping yourself updated and involved as a conscious consumer. 

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