Founder Friday: Down to Earth Wellness - y'aura & Green and Beige
Please tell us a bit about how your brand started.


To be an entrepreneur was not a dream or decision I always had. It chanced on me as I was on a quest for products for my child who had skin issues as a baby. I tried almost every brand in the market that was available then, 15 years ago. The realization that most of those brands didn’t tell me what exactly they contained was quite worrisome. But it was a norm back then. Nobody did. And about the few that were listed, with the kind of information available, it was difficult to assess safety for self or the environment. What I was mainly looking for was transparency and honesty in the brands. I would say Green And Beige started as consumer requirement (my own child) than as a brand per se. Yes, we're a relatively new entrant in the market today but the journey is close to 2 decades.

How has your journey been? What were the milestones along the way?

Very long, brimming with challenges. We could have made the journey a lot easier and quick rewarding if we had given in to short cuts. When the thought was sown, being eco conscious or toxin-free was not a concept or a movement.  We fell a lot of times but then we gathered ourselves up. Apart from honesty and transparency about the ingredients, a factor that always bothered me most was watered down products. I was ready to pay a premium for a product as long as it worked for my child rather than throwing empty containers of cosmetic products every week that didn’t work. Today a conscious consumer knows that an effective product with lesser application means less production, less footprint. Today, reduce; reuse is the only option we have to survive on this planet. We’ve all been seasoned to use a handful of lotion or a palm full of cream. If the product is potent and safe enough, it should work in smaller quantities too. That for me is sustainability. Making the customer buy 5 containers, when I can sell the same thing in one container with better efficiency, is not sustainability for me.

The hurdles we faced were that the thought process happened in an era where honesty, transparency and efficacy didn’t have a name. Now it is called the clean beauty revolution.

 Our children were always on top of our mind so I ensured that every ingredient that goes in is one I can apply on my child without any fear

What do you think the customers have resonated with the most?

I think the customers have resonated with our efficacy and our honesty. Both are core concerns I had, and now addressed by our brand.

Which is the crowd favorite in all of your products?

Among the Green and Beige products, the crowd favorite is the Armpit mask.  But if you ask me what my favorite is, it would be a very difficult question. That’s like asking a mother who her favorite child is. Each product has a story and reason behind them. In our soap range, The Butter Half soap has been the favorite of the crowd

So tell us the story behind the armpit mask.

The adolescents at home. Everyone knows the struggle they go through with body odour at that age compounded by physical activities. All I could do was meekly watch them empty deodorants on themselves. I wanted them to break the cycle by targeting the cause and not just mask the odour. That was how the armpit mask was formulated. Initially it was just a charcoal-based mask, and then we had botanical actives with targeted ingredients added which boosted the performance.

Second reason was my profession.  Of course there are other professions like mine where the care giver is in such close proximity to the customer. But ours is too close for comfort.  If it is a long and hectic day, one begins to lose confidence about just a deodorant doing its job. We dentists want our patients to be comfortable and not irked by anything. We are already getting on their nerves. Don’t want to make it worse.

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