Founder Fridays with Divya Dinesh, Founder & CEO of Vedaearth

In conversation with Divya Dinesh, founder of VedaEarth

Vedaearth is a skincare brand that blends the traditions of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to come up with wholesome, effective and vegan products. Their formulations are all completely plant-based.  It was launched on October 6th 2016. 
As an extension of the brand Vedaearth Lounge was started to deliver the goodness of Ayurvedic Aromatherapy in the form of Spa & Salon services. Vedaearth Lounge, Bangalore's first Vegan Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Spa & Salon was launched on 10th Nov 2017.

They are team comprised of 15 people for Vedaearth products and 20 for the Spa and Salon. 

Here is the full interview of Divya with Clean Beauty Booth:
So Divya, let’s talk about how it all began

It started with my own personal research about skin care products because I have very sensitive skin. So much so that even a simple moisturiser would burn my skin. In my journey of finding the best solution or myself, I learnt about the different ingredients and chemicals that go into everyday skincare products, many of which were harmful for the body.
I am also an animal lover, so I would particularly look for brands that were cruelty-free and in that journey I learnt that cruelty-free is not only about the brand but also the practices of the parent company, for example in China animal testing is mandatory! Since I was now screening for brands that were toxin-free and cruelty-free my universe became smaller and that’s when I decided to learn about how these products are made and make my own. I did a course in Aromatherapy because oils are the most natural form of skin moisturisers and essential oils are very good for sensitive skin.
In 2012-2013, I began small by making soaps, hair oils, facial oils and pain relief oils at home. When I gave them to family and friends, I received very good feedback. So that’s when I decided to make it into a business and launched the brand VedaEarth in Bangalore. Now, our product range has expanded to include products like shampoos, face washes and the like. We have also recently opened 2 spas in Bangalore.

Can you link Aromatherapy and sensitive skin care for us?

The most common misconception about Aromatherapy is that it is only about the ‘Aroma’ and that essential oils are mostly used in candles or diffusers. But that is a very limited view because essential oils are very beneficial for your hair and skin when they enter your body through application as well. But to know which oil combinations are good, and for what problems, and at what potency and proportion, a course in Aromatherapy is required. At VedaEarth, we make complex formulations of multiple essential oils and carrier oils for different problems like pigmentation, hair fall , ageing etc. We identify problems and work towards finding a solution rather than make formulations based on trending ingredients. 

What about DIY solutions of essential oils that are found on the internet?

DIY recipes of essential oils are simple and are a mix of 1 or 2 oils which cannot take care of all aspects of a problem. The other thing to watch out about DIY skin care routines is the potency of the ingredients in the recipe. In skin care products, the potency is controlled for long term usage, but DIY solutions can become harmful in the long run because you cannot control the potency.

So VedaEarth is Vegan and inspired by Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Can you tell us more about what inspired the unique combination?

Aromatherapy is all about plant-based essential oils so it is naturally vegan, but I consciously chose to stay vegan for all my products because animal by-products are also not procured in a friendly manner so in a way it is still animal-cruelty. And also, why not use a plant based alternative when they are effective and available?
About Ayurveda, I have always found value in alternative medicine and both Ayurveda and Aromatherapy are very ancient sciences. You will see that all the herbs of the essential oils that are used in our products are mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. In Ayurveda, the whole herb is infused in oil and then the resulting oil is used, whereas in Aromatherapy only the essential oil is extracted from the herb and used. This extraction technique I think originated in Egypt. So we use Ayurvedic wisdom of plant-based materials in our formulations which are made using concepts of Aromatherapy. Given this unique technique, our oil formulations are light, easy to apply and do not have that strong Ayurvedic smell but offer similar benefits. Our carrier oils are cold pressed which are also very light. So we are able to reap the combined benefits of both.

Are there any new products that you are working on at the moment given your spas have just been launched?

The spas have received good feedback and people are able to experience our products in the environment created by us which is nice. We are able to educate the customer on the uniqueness of the product which is not possible in crowded marketplaces like Amazon. In terms of new products, we are looking to expand our range of oils which was part of our initial endeavour. I realised that as we moved away from oils to products like shampoos, creams etc. the ingredients tended to get less nature based. That’s why I want to stick to our forte of essential oil blends for different hair and skin problems.

From your entire range, which is your favourite to use?

I use the Rose or Lavender water mist as a toner. I use the Cleansing Facial Oil even for removing heavy makeup. It is easy to apply, leaves my skin hydrated and dissolves water resistant makeup too, without having to rub it in too much.  I just wipe it clean and go to sleep! The only caution as with any other essential oil is that it should not enter the eyes.

We hope to bring you more content on amazing founders in the Clean Beauty space in India. Stay tuned! 

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