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Parched winter skins are grateful to gulp down a session of gentle oil application and the light, tingly and instantly relaxing feeling of the oil being poured onto your scalp feels like rain on dry land. Oils and skincare are a very old part of Indian culture and the benefits are rarely unknown to the everyday person. Whether it is a body massage or oiling the hair, the process is a meditative exercise and one is often surprised by how therapeutic it feels. Our country has a 5,000 year old tradition and science of Ayurveda which is steeped in using oils and massages to cure various ailments.  Recommendations are based on a holistic view of the person, their habits, temperaments along with the season as well. It is well understood that there is no templatized cure for things that ail the body. For example: A sesame oil massage is recommended for the winter skin whereas the summer skin demands coconut oil. This is because of the heating and cooling properties of the respective oils. 

Oils infused with nutrients from hibiscus, aamla, bhringraj etc bring additional benefits of reducing inflammation, reducing hairfall, increasing hair thickness etc. Our scalps and hair are generally subject to plenty of chemicals which strip the natural oils from the scalp leading to weakening of the roots and eventually hairfall. The gentle kneading of the oil into the roots gives time for the oils to be absorbed into the skin and also improves circulation. Plenty of us have grown up with being told to regularly oil our hair and perhaps a few of us can’t remember going to school without having slicked down, tightly braided hair. Unfortunately, many of these practices were lost on the way to growing up. Some of us are finally finding our ways back to old practices with the added wisdom of some knowing why we did some things the way we did back then. This makes it easier for us to figure out the best practices for our bodies now. We might choose to be strict with our regimen of oiling our hair but also do so only the night before washing it or just an hour prior - rather than stopping the process of oiling altogether. We now have the drawbacks of a fast paced life which might not allow  us the luxury of an “oil bath” very often but instead of completely forgetting those practices, we can still incorporate them in smaller ways.  Clean Beauty is all about respecting beauty regimens that honour the body, environment and also time. Ayurvedic processes were hardly overnight fixes to many of the problems. Instead, they aid the body in its healing, recognizing that sustainable change is gentle and also takes time. And as much as ayurveda is about the herbs and concoctions, it is also about spending time with oneself, focussed on giving the body what it needs and being mindfully present with the magnificent vehicle gifted to us for this life.  


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