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Pregnancy can be an exciting period for a woman. But it is also a time that induces anxiety and health concerns amongst many. Recent statistics have been alarming.There has been a surge of difficult pregnancies and a decline in fertility ratios amongst a large number of millennials. More than 40-50% of females suffer from infertility in India due to various factors. While some of these factors are known, it is important to also understand the lesser-known ones. 

One of these could be your skincare regimen. 

The logic behind this is that there are a ton of ingredients that are often hidden in skincare that can not only cause potential harm to you but your baby as well.  60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed by the body. 

The good part is that we want you to sit back and relax for we’ve done the groundwork for you. Here’s a list of ingredients to avoid in your skincare during pregnancy:

  1. Parabens - Found in almost every OTC skincare product, they are notoriously known to tamper with hormone systems. They can also cause a range of birth defects during pregnancy. 
  2. Hydroquinone - This is a skin lightening agent used to treat dark spots or patches. While there isn’t any specific research proving its harmful effects, studies mention the topical application of it can lead to 45% of the medication being absorbed into the skin. Definitely not a great sign! 
  3. Phthalates - This is another common ingredient found in various OTC products. A Harvard research showed that exposure to phthalates caused various birth defects in children such as; problems with motor skills, language problems, and even preterm birth or pregnancy loss in some mothers. 
  4. Lead - This is an ingredient that is not only present in skincare but also in a large number of make-up products. It is highly linked with brain and nervous system disorders and is best to be avoided during pregnancy. 
  5. Mercury - Mercury is known to cause brain and developmental disorders in the fetus. It is often found in skin-lightening and make-up products such as mascara. 
  6. Retinoids - These are a family of compounds derived from Vitamin-A commonly found in acne/anti-aging skincare products. They are often listed in different names on ingredient labels. Research by the National Organization of Rare Diseases suggests that maternal use of retinoids can result in a variety of birth defects in the developing fetus. 
  7. Tetracycline - These are antibiotics used to treat acne and Lyme disease. Various studies suggest this can lead to discoloration of the baby’s teeth particularly if consumed during the first trimester. 
  8. Formaldehyde - According to various studies increased exposure to this ingredient (a known carcinogen) has been linked to birth defects such as malformations, spontaneous abortions, preterm labor, and low birth weight. Therefore it’s incredibly important to seek clean beauty and formaldehyde-free formulations
  9. Toluene - Most of us love nail polish, but we’re completely unaware of a suspected carcinogen that lies within most formulations i.e. Toluene. When combined with other harmful toxins such as phthalates and formaldehyde, it can result in a potentially harmful trio that can cause problems during pregnancy. 
  10. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) - PTFE’s are used in various make-up products to prolong shelf-life. Exposure to this ingredient has been linked to various negative effects on one's skin and pregnancy. 

While filtering your skin-care is a tedious process, it’s the only way to care for yours and your baby’s health. It’s important to exercise caution and start incorporating personal-care products that are toxin-free and organic. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend taking a look at some of our best-selling products for cruelty and toxin-free regimes. Your skin-care journey is personal and we’re committed to helping you achieve possibly the best skin of your life. It’s time to start making well-informed choices that will not only benefit your skin but also keep your baby safe. 

Read all about the what EWG, a world renowned organization for guarding consumer interests in skincare and food, has to say here


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