Transform Your Hair with Proper Diet and Right Shampoo

Our hair goes through a lot in routine. From chemicals, heating, and styling products to pollution, everything harms our hair health. Even your diet and weather play a role in determining the health of your hair. A protein-rich diet and vitamin supplements are considered great for our hair. What you eat reflects on your hair as well. 

Let's dig deeper…

Role of keratin for hair health

Keratin is an essential protein for your hair. Taking keratin supplements can help in making your hair strong and offer good texture to it. However, you must always consume plant-based keratin. It is derived from proteins found in wheat, corn, and soybeans. Plant-based keratin is effective in strengthening the hair fibers and retaining the natural anatomy. 

Because of natural aging and external damaging factors, it is important that your hair receives a good foundation. The plant extracted keratin improves the health of the hair and makes the hair follicle stronger. It offers your hair the ability to retain moisture and add shine to dull hair. It smooths out frizzy hair and strengthens damaged hair. 

Vitamins that are good for hair health

  • Vitamin A is good for hair growth and helps in making sebum which keeps your hair moisturized.
  • Vitamin B is best for hair growth and helps in preventing hair loss as well. 
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects hair against oxidative stress due to free radicals.
  • Vitamin D helps in creating new hair follicles. 
  • Vitamin E prevents oxidative stress.

All these vitamins can be consumed from natural food as well in the form of supplements. 

Organic shampoo - the best choice for your hair

However, the kind of shampoo that we use also plays a crucial role and impacts our hair. It's good to see that more and more people are becoming aware of organic shampoo's goodness and getting rid of chemical-based shampoos. 

  • Organic shampoos don't strip away the moisture from your hair. 
  • Organic shampoos don't contain harmful chemicals. 
  • They are sulfate free.
  • They don't disturb the natural pH balance of your hair.
  • They are made of natural ingredients, which make them all safe.
  • They are packed with ingredients that are beneficial for hair.

Now you can find organic shampoos in bar form as well. These bars are easy to use and carry when travelling.


What should you see when choosing a natural shampoo?

  • You should always look for the ingredients of the shampoo. It should contain natural elements like coconut oil, aloe vera, neem, and other herbal or Ayurvedic extracts. This helps in stimulating hair growth. Natural ingredients also keep the scalp moisturized and hydrated. 
  • Other ingredients such as organic shea butter, beta-glucan, tea tree oil, etc., help in retaining the natural shine and hair color. They also help in soothing irritate cells and maintain a healthy scalp owing to their antiseptic properties. 
  • You should always avoid alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) in the shampoos. Alcohol can extract moisture from hair and make them frizzy and dry. On the other hand, sulfate-based shampoos can lead to the loosening of sebum from the hair. Sulfate is harsh on the scalp and strips away the natural oil from the scalp. Chemical-based shampoos are the main culprit causing hair fall issues in most men and women.

Keeping a good diet and using sulfate free, naturalshampoos can help achieve strong hair with amazing texture and shine. Adopting good hair care habits will take you a long way and offer healthy hair.

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