What is a shampoo bar and how can it help hair fall?

Shampoo bars are solid shampoos in the form of a soap bar. They are manufactured by putting together concentrated cleansing and conditioning actives in a bar form. These bars generally have cleaner, sustainable and environmental-friendly ingredients. Solid shampoos are highly concentrated and are packed with natural actives that help to calm irritated scalp and smooth rough cuticles on the hair strands. They are long lasting and environment-friendly

There are three types of shampoo bars that you can take a pick from. First kind is the natural glycerin based variant. It is a gentle shampoo that does not lather. It is ideal for those with breakage prone or very dry scalp. The second variant is the one that has cold-pressed oils like coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil or cocoa butter. These kinds are great for conditioning dry, brittle strands and soothing itchy scalp. The last variant is the solid natural surfactant-based shampoo bar. It is the most versatile kind and helps to balance the pH of scalp and hair. This variant produces luxurious lather and is highly clarifying shampoo. This variant is great at removing residue and older build-ups on the scalp. 

Shampoo bars are useful in maintaining healthy hair as they are gentler on the scalp and your strands. Most of these are pH balanced so, unlike sulfate-based shampoos, these do not strip the natural oil and moisture from your hair. So, your hair feels soft and smooth after use.  Shampoo bars are also good for removing build-ups on the scalp and hair left behind by styling products and even SLS or sulfate-based shampoos. This enables the roots to breathe and the strands to stay nourished and strong. Natural surfactant-based shampoo bars are also often infused with essential oils that help to boost circulation to the roots and stimulate the follicles, that in turn help to promote new hair growth. Since they are gentle and are highly conditioning, they shield the brittle, breakage-prone strands by forming protective layer on the strands. This prevents breakage and hair fall – allowing your hair to grow in length. 

In most cases shampoo bars do help to maintain a healthy scalp and strong strands. Since these are environment-friendly and long-lasting, so make shampoo bars part of your hair care regime. Check them out at Clean Beauty Booth

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