What is EWG verified and why should you care?

EWG Verified is a mark of health, safety and transparency to personal care and other products issued by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). EWG was started in 1993 and is based in Washington DC. EWG was made because most products on the market today are made with chemicals that were introduced several decades ago. Since then, scientists have found that many of these chemicals are related to many health concerns, and some of these chemicals are in products we use every single day - our shampoo, our soap and many other products. 

Consumers are concerned about rising cancer rates, about fertility challenges or about allergies impacting more young people. EWG has a huge, researched database of ingredients used in skincare and daily products which gives detailed information about the risks of the ingredients.They have hence created a list of "unacceptable" ingredients. They also, consequently, value full transparency in the ingredient disclosure, while also valuing good manufacturing practices.

Every product that is EWG verified has the promise of:

  • Ingredient safety - it should have no ingredients in their "unacceptable" list
  • Transparency - full disclosure of ingredients
  • Good manufacturing practices to ensure safety of their products 

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