Why Underrated Face Mists Should Be Your Go-To Staple This Summer!

Ask an expert and they'll tell you - the number one beauty hack for gorgeous dewy skin is to ensure you drink between 8-10 glasses of water every day. Preach!

But what if we said there was another way to achieve that post-workout glass-like skin that everyone’s forever chasing?  One that goes beyond stocking up on your favorite moisturizers, investing in a humidifier, or busting 10 rounds of burpees at the gym. We’re not saying you should, but if you want to get the dew without doing the work maybe it’s time you level up.  

Enter face mists. Our new beauty best friend. 

Part beauty product, part self-care ritual, facial mists have been taking on the skincare world by a storm. In the pandemic era, with various hygiene-related concerns and mask-ne becoming a thing, mists have become a great hands-free and non-pore clogging way to refresh skin. 

But the question remains - Are face mists ‘really’ worth it?

Although often known to be all-weather wonders, face mists are considered extremely beneficial during harsh summers. Aside from the much-needed spritz of freshness, they provide immense hydration and leave the skin looking dewy and revitalized. There is also the convenience factor - It is so easy to pull out a mist, spritz it on your face, and Voila! One is good to go. 

This versatile skin fixer also works great as a make-up setting spray, toner, and a skin soother. The soothing combination of ingredients usually infused in face mists can also help tackle a variety of skin issues such as dullness, redness, irritation, acne, etc. 

How should one incorporate face mists into their beauty routine? 

The benefits of using face mists are manifold and they can be used almost any time of the day! But one can also use it at specific moments to maximize your skin’s glow potential. 

According to us, the best times to use a face mist are: 

  • Right after you wake up and before you go to sleep 
  • After using toner
  • Before using moisturizer
  • Before application of make-up and after 
  • Post-workout 
  • When your skin is feeling extremely dehydrated 

The key is to provide hydration and also prep the skin for delivery when using other skincare products. In addition to this, we believe, using a face mist is the most uncomplicated thing you can ever do. That’s probably why this trend is loved by beauty bloggers across the world. 

Clean Beauty Booths Top Facial Mists According To Skin Type

Face mists contain hydrating ingredients and minerals that have various healing and soothing abilities. Some also have astringent properties to keep excess oil away from the skin. Scroll down to find out some of our top chemical-free face mists that are safe for everyday use. 

VedaEarth Lavender Facial Mist - For Dull Skin/All Skin Types

Lavender is known to purify, cleanse and restore due to its anti-inflammatory properties and is also highly nourishing. Its pleasant scent also has a calming effect on one's mood. 

Raw Concoctions, Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose Mist - For Dry Skin

Jasmine is known to have a ton of antioxidants that help soothe and even skin tone. Rosewater has healing properties and is great for redness or irritation and sandalwood water leads to skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

Raw Concoctions Saffron and Marigold Face Mist - For Sensitive/Acne-Prone Skin

The unique blend of saffron, marigold, and kewra water helps soothe compromised, sunburnt or acne-prone skin. The three ingredients in this face mist work hand in hand to speed up the process of skin repair, reduce redness, and lead to a cool non-irritated, and dewy complexion. 

Veda Earth Rose Water Facial Mist  - For All Skin Types 

Rose water has always been a cult favorite. Its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties help revive, reinvigorate and reduce redness.

Face mists might not be the most ground-breaking innovation, but they get the work done. When skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier can become weaker leading to a breakdown of collagen and elastin. By keeping it well moisturized, you are providing support for glowy, dewy skin. So go on and get your glow, today! 

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