Your Complete Guide to Nourished and Supple Lips This Summer

Summer is the season of fun but demands extra care as far as one's skin and hair are concerned. And though everyone pays attention to skin, lips inevitably demand the same care. Having very thin skin, they are prone to get dried and chapped. Also, if lips are not hydrated properly, they become dark, and even applying lipsticks might not hide the discoloration. Hence, Lip balm for summer in India becomes an essential product in one's daily care regime.

Why do lips get chapped, dry, and cracked in summer?

The summer season exposes the lip directly to the sun's harmful rays. Since the skin on the lips is very thin (5 times thinner than any part of the body), the chances of getting dry and cracked increase substantially. Further, the humidity in the air also aids in making them chapped. Since lips do not have any sebaceous glands in them, lips are devoid of natural oils and hence using a lip balm becomes imperative.


What are the different types of lip balm?

 Lip balms are available in different types. An array of products is available in the lip-balm category. All you need to do is to pick one that suits your needs. 


  • Natural lip-balm- Giving a nude finish, these lip balms are generally made of petroleum jelly or shea butter. To keep the lips hydrated, natural lip balms are ideal for those who want nude and healthy lips.
  • Flavoured lip balm- As the name suggests, lip balms come in flavours such as lemon, mint, cherry, and berry. Unique flavours such as beetroot, vanilla, rose petals, plum and peach are also available in the market. Coconut lip balm is best for dry and dark lips as coconut has moisturizing properties. Regular use of coconut in your lip balm can also help in regulating the lip colour to its natural one.
  • Tinted lip balm- A lip balm need not be boring. Go for tinted lip balms that add a dash of vibrancy to your lips with ease. Tinted lip-balm has the blended advantage of hydrating and colour properties, which adds a lightly made up look without being very heavy.
  • Organic/natural lip balm- Imbued with natural substances that could be organically derived such as cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin C or E, or eucalyptus, which are natural and chemical-free. Further, they are also eco-friendly, which is an added advantage. 
  • SPF lip balm- One of the best lip balms ideal for summers in India are SPF lip balms, which have the properties of offering a shield against harmful ultraviolet lights. Choose a product that is SPF 15 or more for full-coverage protection.

With these options, one can easily choose a lip balm that suits one's requirements. SPF lip balms are advisable for summers. Though lip balmsare essential for dry and dark lips, they are also a must in everyone’s beauty kit for supple-looking lips. Application of lip balm should be done twice a day, once in the morning after taking a bath and once at night before sleeping. With regular usage, one can enjoy supple and nourished lips in summer.

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