We are currently seeing a flood of products that are termed as “brightening” and “glow” products versus being called fairness products, while listing the benefits as fairness. This has made our job a bit harder because now the selling of fairness has reached subtext. While subtext is still better than overt messaging, policy-wise, we will not be listing any product that lists benefits of their products on their own website as fairness. As much as this is about formulation (we reject products with Hydroquinone because of ill effects on health), this is also about messaging. A product selling you an even skin-tone and a product that sells you a fairer skin tone are quite different. You might still see products that have vitamin-c, retinol and milder ingredients on our platform but we only host products that are addressing skin concerns and not shade “improvement”.

Long story short, here’s what our policy is:

NO: Products containing Hydroquinone and Kojic acid 

NO: Products selling fairness, shade “improvements” and “white” glow

YES: Retinol, Vitamin-c and milder ingredients are okay but we are aware that studies around this (and other ingredients) are constantly evolving

YES: Products focused on hyperpigmentation, age spots, stretchmarks

We will be focusing deliberately on positive and inclusive messaging for different skin shades and body types. Messaging around body positivity, mental health and self-acceptance are all double and triple checked and in some cases assented to by qualified therapists because it is something we take very seriously.