Hi! This is Pallavi. I founded Clean Beauty Booth because I found it extremely frustrating to find products that I was looking for. I wanted products that were cruelty-free - I got more passionate about this once we got a pup of our own and realized that there was a world of cruelty these poor things and other four legged friends were subjected to; only because we - the human race, wanted to look pretty sometimes. 

I also wanted products that were not using suspected carcinogens & endocrine disruptors. I have struggled with autoimmune disease for the past 10 years (as of the date of writing in 2020) and ask anyone with this condition - we get pretty good at being ingredient detectives. And that's because the oddest things set our systems off. While food is an important contributor to things that disrupt our systems; daily skin care is another contributor because it is used daily and spread over large parts of our body. This experience has been formative in the way we present our products and flag ingredients as well. We want to be inclusive of people with different lifestyle needs and information requirements which is why you'll find the level of detail that you do.

The third bit - no fairness products - well, I was surprised when I realized that we were the first Indian platform to say NO to this. I hope this will become the norm soon and people actively start normalizing seeing dark also as beautiful. While one way is to take a stand to not profit from the fairness agenda, the other is to actively contribute to conversations around colorism and be a part of the messaging that dark skin is completely normal and okay and beautiful. 

You will also find that we are passionate about mental health - body image, self-esteem and new age anxieties. All of these contribute to making our bodies break down and become sensitive because of the world of pressure we put it under - as I saw from my own experience. Along with personal experience, I am also lucky that both of my sisters are qualified mental health professionals, from which I have a deep appreciation of the need for positive mental health messaging for the sometimes overwhelming times we live in. 

So I hope you appreciate what we've put together and do know that we are always ALWAYS, open to feedback and getting better.