Areev - Body Lotion - Oil of Olives - For Sensitive Skin

Rs. 1,200

Areev's specially formulated Oil of Olives Body Lotion is rich in antioxidants that works to restore and repair your skin. The formula is specially designed to be easily absorbed into the skin to ensure it works fast leaving no oily residue behind. It is well suited for sensitive skin.If you are looking for a very mild fragrance that does not irritate, then this is a good option. As with other Areev products, a little goes a long way and this bottle can last you a whole season.

The packaging is made from Recycled Plastic

The packaging is recycled plastic.

How many days / uses does it last?
About 3 months

Who is it for?
Recommended for sensitive skin

300 ml

Shelf Life
36 months

Expiry Date
Jan 2023

Distilled Water , Coconut Oil, Cocoa Cream , Glycerine , Hydroxyethyl Cellulose . Oil of Olive fragrance with essential oils of Lavender and Geranium

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