Areev - Body Soap - Coco Cream - For Dry Skin

Rs. 250

Areev soaps are exactly what you've been looking for if you wanted a long lasting, handmade moisturizing soap. This deep nourishing soap for dry skin is filled with the goodness of natural cocoa butter. Moisturize dry and flaky skin with the benefits of cocoa butter. Our cocoa butter soaps work on deep hydration of the skin keeping it soft and supple through the day. Cocoa butter is a natural moisturiser and is known for its hydrating effects preventing dryness and dryness related problems.The subtle fragrance helps relieve stress and elevates your mood.

How many days / uses does it last?
45 days with one use per day

Who is it for?
Recommended for dry skin

100 gm

Shelf life
24 months

Saponified Oils Of cocoa Butter,Olive Oil,coconut Oil,Palm Oil,Fragrance with Essential Oils of Guaic Wood & sandalwood Oil

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