TreeWear - Deodorant - Citrus Burst - For All Skin Types

Rs. 420

TreeWear Deodorants are a much needed clean beauty solution for our mostly hot, tropical climate. The aromatic component of all four variants are well-formulated and are a relief to the supermarket deodorant options - which are mostly not aluminium-free and certainly not alcohol-free and preservative-free (TreeWear, however, is). It doesn't feel heavy on the delicate skin in the under-arm and the stick is easy to apply and carry in your bag.The plastic-free packaging is a big positive too. Spice Infusion has a beautiful sweet, fresh cinnamon smell that keeps your body cool and smelling great. Juniper berry oils keep bacteria away. Since the formulation consists of all natural elements, it is skin-safe to use the stick a couple of months post the expiry date as well.

How many days / uses does it last?
45 days - 1 use per day

Who is it for?
It is made for all skin types but if your skin is not used to deodorant at all, then there is a small chance you might experience a bit of a tingling sensation for the first few uses till your body gets used to it. However, there are zero harmful chemicals, so please don't panic if you experience the tingling. Hot, sweaty days might need another application in the middle of day as this is a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant.

33 gm

Shelf Life
12 months

Aug 2021

Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Raw Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Organic Cornstarch, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Wheat Germ ( Vitamin E) Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Essential Oil, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil.

TreeWear really walks the talk when it comes to their dedication to delivering a great product that performs well with a business model that is earth-friendly. Every purchase from TreeWear contributes a part of the proceeds to reforestation/aforestation projects around the country. The discharge from their manufacturing processes is used to safely water plants and the packaging of the raw materials is responsibly recycled. Their founders have in the past worked with NGOs such as “Grow Trees” to help plant trees, and “ADAPT” to aid in creating products made from recycled & upcycled materials. TreeWear was born from the idea that simple changes in the lifestyle of a number of people will lead to improving the world around us.


Details of the Manufacturer/Importer/Brand :TREEWEAR HQ, 319, Sardar Griha Building, 198, L.T. marg, near Crawford Market, Mumbai - 400 005

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